February, 2023 (5783) Itinerary

Please note that the itinerary is not final and is subject to change based on time, weather, security and other considerations. Click here for a printable pdf.

Day 1 (Monday, February 6th) - Arrival - Welcome to Israel! Travel North

Day 2 (Tuesday, February 7th) - Upper Galilee

Day 3 (Wednesday, February 8th) - Golan Heights to Jerusalem

Day 4 (Thursday, February 9th) - Old City of Jerusalem

Day 5 (Friday, February 10th) - Jerusalem - Preparation for Shabbat

Day 6 (Saturday, February 11th) - Shabbat in Jerusalem

Day 7 (Sunday, February 12th) - Judean Desert

Day 8 (Monday, February 13th) - New Jerusalem

Day 9 (Tuesday, February 14th) - Jerusalem Hills to Tel Aviv

Day 10 (Wednesday, February 15th) - Tel Aviv

Day 11 (Thursday, February 16th) - Tel Aviv Area