Rabbi Feivel on YouTube

Enjoy these sessions from Rabbi Feivel. All classes in the videos below were recorded live.

Playlist: "Rabbi Feivel Teaches Torah"

A collection of lessons of Torah that Rabbi Feivel taught as a guest teacher for various communities.

Playlist: "Maḥzor 101"

This 3 part series by Rabbi Feivel is brought to you by MyJewishLearning. In three 1 hour classes, Rabbi Feivel provides an overview of the Mahzor - the Jewish high holiday prayerbook, and offers some comparisons between various popular versions.

Playlist: "929 Project"

In honor of the 929 project which began anew this year on Sunday, Feb 6th - we will be putting out a recording of each chapter of the TaNaKh as it is being studying on the 929 calendar. Our recordings will be of the Hebrew as it would be sung in synagogue from the Bimah. The Torah will be sung with Torah trope, Prophets with Haftarah trope, and Writings with their respective Megillah tropes. These recordings are unedited and include hesitations and small corrections when errors are made.