Course Registration

This course will be taught online via Zoom. Recordings of classes will be made available to class participants only and will not be made public.

Navigating the Siddur: Friday Night (Kabalat Shabbat)

  • Sunday, June 26th, 2022
  • 7:00pm - 8:15pm Central
  • Location: Online via Zoom
  • Teacher: Rabbi Feivel
  • Suggested Materials: Siddur of your choice
  • Price: $18

For those who go to Synagogue on Shabbat, Holidays, or special occasions like a Bar/Bat-Mitzvah, the siddur (prayer book) is your guide through the service. Unfortunately, many siddurim are bulky, hard to follow, and contain way more content than is actually used on any one given day.

In this course, we will move through a typical Shabbat morning service and how to make the siddur our helpful companion. We'll explore the outline of the service and discuss not only specific prayers but also the choreography that may or may not be explicit in the book. We'll take a look at several different siddurim to better understand their similarities and differences to help you feel comfortable in any synagogue setting in which you may find yourself.

Have a specific siddur you or your community uses? Let us know when you register and we'll do our best to have a copy so we can provide you with the exact page numbers you'll need throughout the course.