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Core Curricula


The Bar/Bat-Mitzvah is one of the major lifecycle events in a young Jewish person's life. Not because of the ritual marks an accomplishment, but rather, because it is the very first step on the rest of their journey as a Jewish adult. At FreelanceJudaism, our Bar/Bat-Mitzvah preparation is so much more than just learning some prayers and a little Torah. We provide our students with the skills to last a lifetime, while instilling our student with a pride in themselves, their heritage, and their own Jewish identity.


At FreelanceJudaism, we believe that languages are not learned through study, but rather through speech. While basics such as reading and writing require some repetitious practice, once our students gain the basics they will engage in more conversation with one another and the teachers. New vocabulary is introduced every class, whether the focus of the course is on modern conversational or biblical Hebrew.


The Jewish holidays are meant to be experienced, rather than studied. As each holiday approaches, our students will spend time preparing decorations, looking at the appropriate rituals and blessings, and be encouraged to celebrate with friends and family. By living the holidays rather than learning about the holidays, our students will gain a love and appreciation for these 2000+ year old traditions.

Prayer/Pulpit Skills

Whether you’re looking to be a more active participant in synagogue, or to become a service leader, the tools required are the same. Our students focus on understanding the layout and structure of the service as well as the history of its origin and its development. By comparing various siddurim from throughout the tradition, our students are given insight and ownership over the tradition.

Leyning (Torah / Haftarah / Megillot)

Leyning is the term used to refer to the chanting from our holy scriptures. The basics of this skill are the same whether learning to read from the Torah, the Haftarah, or one of the five Megillot. By studying the history and development of leyning throughout the Jewish tradition, our students to learn to decipher the ancient techniques of chanting. They combine music and Hebrew to master one of the most important skills we have in the Jewish tradition.

TaNaKh (Bible)

Far too often, people are given poor translations or whitewashed stories and never open the Bible in the first place. Our students will learn the stories of our people from the original Hebrew text as they use their newly acquired Hebrew skills to translate the text themselves. When looking at translations our students learn to pause and ask questions, check commentaries, and analyze every detail for themselves. This ensures they gain the skills needed to continuing studying Torah and other Rabbinic texts long after they complete their studies with FreelanceJudaism.

Jewish History

Completely unique to Judaism is the reality that being a Jew is not only a religion, but a people as well. Understanding this fundamental part of our identity rests on our ability to understand our history as a people. Our peoplehood dates back over 3000 years and is rich with times of flourishing and times of real hardship and despair. Our students will engage with our historical narrative in a way that allows them to connect our past as a people to their own future and self-identity.


For better or for worse, we live in a miraculous time in history. For nearly 2000 years the Jewish people lived scattered throughout the world with no one place they could call their own. Today, Israel stands as the first and only Jewish nation since the time of King Solomon. What that means for Jews, especially American Jews, can be quite complex and complicated. By taking an in-depth look at Israel, our students learn to distinguish between Israel the land, Israel the modern day state, and Israel the idea. Our students will compare and contrast the Israel of today with the Israel of old and with other countries around the world. At FreelanceJudaism, we believe that a deep love and appreciation for Israel is essential, but gaining that love and appreciation requires looking at the whole of Israel with all its different facets.


Arguably the darkest time in Jewish history occurred less than 100 years ago. The pain of the Holocaust is still fresh in the minds of many and had one of the most profound impacts on the development of modern day Judaism to date. With the last remaining survivors of the Holocaust disappearing, it is more important than ever to instill in every generation an education of and a connection with the Holocaust. However, at FreelanceJudaism, we believe that the most important lesson the Holocaust has to teach is not the horrors, but rather just how easily it came to pass. The Holocaust had, without a doubt, its many villains, but it also had many heroes. By studying these dark times, our students learn to appreciate the good in their lives, and how to take personal responsibility for the prevention of such tragedies in the future.

Choose Your Own Topic

What do you want to learn? At FreelanceJudaism we see the value and the limitless possibilities that learning has to offer. We strive to provide you with the knowledge you seek, in whatever direction that might take you.

Pricing Guide


Prices Per Hour
# Students $ / Hour Savings
1 $60.00 / Student 0%
2 $55.00 / Student 8%
3 $50.00 / Student 17%
4 $45.00 / Student 25%
5 $40.00 / Student 33%
6+ $35.00 / Student 42%

Pay-Per-Lesson requires that you only pay for the lessons you attend. Lessons can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 2-hours prior to the scheduled lesson time. In the event that a lesson is cancelled, you will not be charged.

Bulk Lesson Packages

Prices Per Hour
# Students $ / Hour Savings
1 $55.00 / Student 8%
2 $50.00 / Student 17%
3 $45.00 / Student 25%
4 $40.00 / Student 33%
5 $35.00 / Student 42%
6+ $30.00 / Student 50%

Bulk-Lesson requires that you pay for all of the lessons regardless of attendance. Lessons can be rescheduled up to 2-hours prior to the scheduled lesson time, but cannot be cancelled for any refund. Group lessons (3+ students) can only be rescheduled by consensus of the entire group.

Example Semester

Totals for 30 Lessons
# Students Pay-Per-Lesson Bulk Pricing
1 $1,800.00 / Student $1,650.00 / Student
2 $1,650.00 / Student $1,500.00 / Student
3 $1,500.00 / Student $1,350.00 / Student
4 $1,350.00 / Student $1,200.00 / Student
5 $1,200.00 / Student $1,050.00 / Student
6+ $1,050.00 / Student $900.00 / Student

Bulk-Lessons of 10 or more lessons may be eligible for additional discounts and/or additional free lessons. Specifics are determined on a case-by-case basis with each student/group. 30 Lessons is a standard academic year of learning (one per week minus summer and holidays).

Terms & Conditions

General Information

  1. The first lesson is always designed to assess the student’s level within the subject.
    1. Lessons are designed to accommodate the student’s age and level.
  2. All FJ lessons are a minimum of one-hour in length.
    1. Lessons may be requested for a shorter period of time, but will be billed as a one-hour lesson.
    2. Lessons longer than one-hour will be billed by percentage of time requested.
      1. e.g. 90 minute lessons will be 150% of a one-hour lesson.
  3. Lessons officially start the moment the FJ Educator begins working with the student.
    1. time before or after the lesson talking with students, parents, going over logistics, etc. is the responsibility of the FJ Educator and will not be billed.
  4. Lessons will end after the set amount of scheduled time has passed.
  5. Lessons will take place at a location to be determined by the FJ Educator in conversation with all students of the given lesson.
  6. Must be 18+ or have a parent/guardian consent to schedule a lesson with an FJ Educator.
  7. Student must be in Fourth Grade or older to qualify for lessons with an FJ Educator.
  8. All work/study materials will be provided by the FJ Educator as needed.
  9. “Private lessons” are classified as any lesson in which the student is receiving one-on-one attention from an FJ Educator.
    1. Private lessons may be scheduled as late as one hour before the lesson time.
  10. “Group lessons” are classified as any lesson in which there are two or more students per FJ Educator.
    1. Group lessons must be scheduled at least one week in advance to allow for proper preparation by the FJ Educator.
    2. Group lessons are never recommended for Bar/Bat-Mitzvah students but can be scheduled with permission of the Owner, Rabbi Feivel Rubinstein.
  11. All lessons are subject to FJ Educator availability.


  1. See the official FreelanceJudaism Pricing Guide for up to date pricing.
    1. Pricing will match the pricing guide unless otherwise negotiated before the first lesson.
  2. Lesson Pricing is guaranteed for the duration of the student’s education.
    1. Prices cannot be raised after a student’s first lesson.
    2. Students who go 3 months without a lesson are no longer considered active FJ students and all future lessons will be subject to current pricing at the time of renewal.


  1. Payments can be made at one of three times:
    1. Per lesson
      1. Payments made per lesson are due at the conclusion of each lesson.
    2. Monthly
      1. Payments made monthly will be billed at the end of each month and will be due within one week from receipt of the invoice.
    3. Pre-Pay
      1. Pre-paid lessons are due before any lessons are provided and may be paid for any set number of lessons desired.
      2. There are no refunds for pre-paid lessons.
      3. Pre-paid lessons do not expire.
      4. Pre-paid lessons of 10 or more may be subject to a discounted rate.
  2. FreelanceJudaism accepts three methods of payment:
    1. Venmo (Preferred): @freelancejudaism
    2. Credit/Debit Card (PayPal)
    3. Cash (In-Person Only)
    4. Check made out to "FreelanceJudaism"

Late/Missed Lessons

  1. Lessons are considered “Late” if either the student or the FJ Educator arrives 1-15 minutes after the scheduled time of lesson.
  2. Lessons are considered “Missed” if either the student or the FJ Educator arrives more than 15 minutes after the scheduled time of lesson, or if either the student or the FJ Educator does not arrive.
  3. Late students do not qualify for extended lessons.
    • e.g. If a student arrives 10 minutes late for his/her 60 minute lesson, he/she is only eligible for a 50 minute lesson that day.
  4. Late FJ Educators are responsible for the full scheduled length of the lesson.
    • e.g. If an FJ Educator arrives 10 minutes late for a 60 minute lesson, he/she will add 10 minutes to the end of the lesson to ensure the student receives the full 60 minutes.
  5. Students who miss a lesson will be charged the full amount as though the lesson had taken place.
    1. FJ Educators will leave the lesson location after 15 minutes of waiting.
  6. FJ Educators who miss a lesson are responsible for both rescheduling a make-up as well as compensating the student for their missed time.
    1. The following lesson will be free of charge.
    2. If the lesson was pre-paid, the student can choose between a refund for the missed lesson, or an extra lesson free of charge.


  1. Lessons must be cancelled or rescheduled with proper notice to avoid being considered “Missed” (see section 4.2: “missed” lessons).
  2. Students who need to cancel or reschedule a lesson must provide at least a one-hour notice prior to the scheduled lesson start time.
  3. FJ Educators who need to cancel or reschedule a lesson must provide at least 24 hours notice prior to the scheduled lesson start time.
  4. Notice can be given through E-mail, text message, or phone, but must be confirmed by both the student and FJ Educator.


  1. By scheduling a lesson with a FreelanceJudaism Educator, the student (or parent/guardian) agrees to all terms and conditions listed above.
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