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A fully searchable scroll containing all five books of the Torah, all 21 books of the Prophets, and all 13 books of Writings.
The only digital Tikkun on the internet that is not a PDF, this is a side-by-side of Torah to assist in learning the weekly portion. One side contains vowels and trope and the other appears as it does in the Torah scroll itself.
A complete, searchable and punctuated Mishnah including all 6 Sidrot with translation.
Babylonian Talmud
A complete and searchable text of the Babylonian Talmud (in progress).
A complete and searchable text of various Midrashic compilations including Genesis Rabbah and Midrash Tanhuma.
Hebrew Educational Resources
Educational resources including guides to reading Hebrew, Hebrew numbers, various tropes, basic Hebrew grammar, and more!
Jewish Calendar
A user-friendly calendar with Jewish and secular dates and holidays.
Community Database
Jewish communities exist all over the United States. Search for a community in your area to join or connect with to learn more.
Coming Soon!
Glossary of Hebrew Words
In order to be authentic in our desire to provide Jewish education to all who view our site, many technical terms do not translate well and will thus be left in Hebrew when referenced. The glossary will provide definitions, interpretations, and explanations of these Hebrew words.
Calendar Times
We will be adding a feature that includes the exact timing of Shabbat and holidays to our existing calendar functions.
Personal Dates
Add your own Jewish dates to your calendar such as your Hebrew birthday, B'nei Mitzvah, or the Yarhzeit of a loved one.
Ask a Rabbi
Have a question? Get an answer directly from a Rabbi!
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