Our History

The idea for FreelanceJudaism came to Rabbi Feivel Rubinstein as he was earning his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Boulder in Colorado. Raised in California surrounded by a thriving Jewish community, he realized that a very large portion of Jews live without this same infrastructure, and can often feel disconnected.

A quick Google search for “Jewish organizations in my area” led Rabbi Rubinstein to insufficient results – go ahead, try it! – and the realization that a vast majority of Jewish organizations are non-profits with a small budget who may not know how to design an effective digital presence.

Rabbi Feivel merged two concepts: the internet – a tool designed to bring people together – with one of Judaism's greatest values, קהילה (kehilah), or community. This platform now helps to bring Jews and non-Jews alike to Jewish communities around the country.

As a Jewish educator with over a decade of experience, Rabbi Rubinstein believes that the greatest way to inspire love, belonging, and a connection to those around us is through learning more about the people around us. Whether you have never met a Jew before or are a Rabbi, there is always more to explore about this amazing culture, heritage, religion, and people.

We encourage you to sign up, login and check out some of our resources. Learn a little, explore a lot, and hopefully we can inspire you to not only read about Judaism online, but to connect with a Jewish community in your area. Happy learning!

What We Do

FreelanceJudaism began as a small private Jewish tutoring service founded by Rabbi Feivel Rubinstein. Our educational services have since expanded to group courses, e-classrooms, and this website – a free, online resource bank for Jewish education that provides learning materials for everyone and anyone at every stage of their Jewish journey. Our site caters to parents, educators, students, clergy, Jews and those interested in Judaism. We offer expertise ranging from the fundamentals of Judaism to advanced academic resources.

Our site hosts a robust database of United States-based Jewish institutions of all types and affiliations. This database is a constant work in progress as we aim to create a network of Jewish organizations and services that can be accessed by anyone who needs them.

The goal of FreelanceJudaism is to spread the Jewish idea that we never stop learning. By connecting people of all denominations and cultures to Jewish text and learning, we can enhance the Jewish community and the world around us. Please take a look around, and feel free to let us know if you have feedback or questions!

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